Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jah Wobble's Ovation Magnum Bass

I was happily working away in my workshop when a bass line just started to permeate everything in the shop - my workshop and head included. Immensely loud but in no way intrusive, I knew that Jah was coming in - this was obviously the man just plugging in and doing what he does.

As a player he has influenced many, and its not hard to see why. Just playing a massive groove without even meaning to, he's just checking out a new amp in the shop but people are drawn from all over the floor to see where that noise is coming from.

It was genuinely an honour to work on, didnt need much really, it had been looked after by Aidy for several years. Very light fret dress and clean up, couple new knobs and set up. I gave it a good clean with Virtuoso Cleaner & Polish and its looking grand.

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