Monday, 2 August 2010

Virtuoso Guitar Polish is here!

Just in, the best polish I've ever used on a nitro finish guitar! Great for Gibson's that have gone a bit sticky and cloudy. I came across this stuff a little while ago and have been using ever since, there's nothing out there that I've ever used that comes close to this stuff, its amazing!

I have the cleaner and the polish, the cleaner is great for taking the grubby goo left behind buy guitar stands that seem to react to the Gibson nitro cellulose, then polish up and forget it ever happened! This is the closest thing to a miracle cure I've found for all these problems, well worth the investment.

Look here for customer comments (from the manufacturers website), and here for a review from Muscians Hotline.

Bottles are £12.99 each, or one of each for £25. If you cant drop into the shop to get yourself some, p&p is £2.50 for the first bottle, £4 for two.

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